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  • Dream Theater Glowing Phone Case for iPhone 6+ Dream Theater Glowing Phone Case for iPhone 6+ Rock a Dream Theater phone case that lets you endlessly swap between the two included glow-in-the-dark designs. The rubberized case has anti-slip side grips, easy push buttons, and Swapons' patented reusable technology that allows you to change your phone's look whenever you choose. High-definition renderings of the Majesty symbol and Eclipse are fade- and scratch-resistant, and glow in the dark after exposure to light. Find your phone anywhere, and express yourself!
    Qty: US$24.95
  • Dream Theater Glowing Coasters Dream Theater Glowing Coasters Four coasters to a pack, two designs; liquid Majesty symbol and Eclipse. Felt-backed, and after exposure to light…they glow!
    Qty: US$14.95

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